About Fontana School

Fontana School is a locally-supported community school that educates and engages not only our K-8 students, but also cares and enriches early childcare from 6 weeks to 4 years old. Our staff walk the mission of “Every Kid. Every Day.” with passion and focus. Because of this, our school is more than a collection of classrooms; it’s a beloved institution that provides a steady location for generational family education and growth. Alumni can often trace, with specific detail, watershed moments from childhood to our flagship programs like Outdoor Education, Solo and Ensemble performance for Band and Music, or Fine Arts night featuring our student artists, to name just a few. Our school is a community resource daily – from hosting COVID immunization clinics to being “homebase” for the Big Foot Recreation Summer Camp program. Fontana School is a beloved institution that survives because our community values the work done inside (and outside) those red brick walls.

Fontana is a school of excellence, exceeding expectations. The state score information can be found here.