Why Vote Yes?

Our school has a historic track record of producing top-performing students.  Our students have gone on to prestigious careers all over the world in every industry. We want to continue to provide our students with the tools to excel in a future built with technology, run on teamwork, and is powered by creativity.

No tax increase

This amazing benefit to our school will not require a tax increase!  In fact, the mill rate will DECLINE during the 4 years of the referendum.

Here are the projected mill rates and request referendum amounts for the next four years.

2021-22 $2.32, $750,000

2022-23 2.32, $1.2 million
2023-24 2.28, $1.2 million
2024-25 2.25, $1.4 million
2025-26 2.23, $1.6 million

Fontana School has worked hard to balance its annual budget and be fiscally responsible. Historically, the district has been very successful! Fontana district has 4th lowest mill rate out of 446 school districts in the entire state of Wisconsin!

Local Control

Our Fontana District is wholly controlled at the local level. We have our own school board and our own school administration. That allows for nimble and responsive changes for our students and families. We don’t have the bureaucratic red-tape when implementing exciting new ideas, curriculum or procedures that work best for our school. As a result, our students received the enrichment and support in real-time using the best ideas and techniques available. For example, our school offered safe face-to-face instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic – a decision that was important to our families and community, and one that our staff, administration and board worked tirelessly to do successfully everyday.

High Quality Education

We have a long-standing history of excellence and achievement at Fontana school. Our student experience is second-to-none: we offer generational programs like Outdoor Education, WICATY (gifted & talented) and feature new offerings like Robotics Club, Drone Club Art Club, Fuel Up for 60, and more. These programs are at high risk of termination without a referendum approval. Our dedication teachers and staff all have longevity and tenure. It is not unusual for our teachers to retire with 25, 30 or even 40 years of dedication to Fontana School. They are excellent, experience and caring – beyond the school day – that makes a strong and lasting contribution to our community.


The referendum is a four year referendum, which keeps the administration and school board accountable to keeping costs low and watching spending. It forces the school to continue to seek value and meaningful growth and be held accountable to the tax payer on a short referendum cycle.


  • Eliminated employee post employment benefits
  • Modified staff benefits
  • Joined a health insurance consortium to reduce healthcare costs
  • Attract open enrollment students, providing additional sources of revenue
  • Applied for and awarded several grants totaling more than $100,000 this year.

Please check out the school’s information page here.